Calvin Klein Euphoria Review

Someone had asked me the other day to define the word euphoria and I instantly smiled. When you describe extreme happiness to someone, you cannot help but smile. And now that I am describing Calvin Klein's Euphoria perfume, I am instantly in an amazing mood.

First off, Euphoria is not a brand new fragrance to the market. It launched in 2005 and won that year's Fifi award for best luxe fragrance. That being said, it is a wonderful fragrance adored by many, and is still one of today's best selling womens' perfumes. It is classified as an oriental perfume, and should be worn in the evenings, or fall through spring but not in the summer. When wearing this fragrance, be prepared to be stopped for compliments as its sillage, or trail, is strong an beautiful.

Euphoria opens with sweet notes of pomegranate, persimmon, and lush green accord. These blend into fresh lotus blossom, champaca flower and exotic black orchid. The dry down is a very warm and sensual amber, black violet, cream accord and mahogany wood.

This is the perfect fragrance for sophisticated women who are sensual, confident, mysterious and edgy, but still on the playful side. When wearing Euphoria perfume, it is almost like spraying on a layer of confidence and happiness. You'll feel like you are wearing a chic black dress at an art gallery opening in a large city, and instead of focusing on the artwork everyone will be focused on you. And you will love it.

Calvin Klein was born in The Bronx in 1942. His parents were Jewish-Hungarian immigrants. Klein attended the High School of Art and Design as well as New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, although he never graduated. He did his apprenticeship in 1962 with a cloak-and-suit manufacturer, and spent the next five years designing at other New York shops. Calvin Klein became a protégé of the famous Baron de Gunzburg, who helped him rise to the top of New York's fashion scene even before reached success with his first mainstream and infamous jeans line. Calvin later launched his first company with longtime friend, Barry Schwartz.

Calvin Klein's style is known for its clean lines and architecture. Along the same lines, Calvin Klein's Euphoria perfume is not overly complex, but rather is a well structured pyramid of fragrance notes just waiting to be unveiled.