The Best Place to Store Perfume

Perfume can get pricey, so it makes sense to store it correctly so as to get the most use out of your perfume. Most perfumes will stay good for years, but there are things that can make the scent dwindle quicker if not stored properly. With proper storage, you can expect your perfume to last up to 5 years. Just remember the three keywords: cool, dark and dry.

You want to make sure you keep your bottle of perfume in a cool, dark and dry place. It's not necessary to keep it in a dark drawer, but you do want to keep it out of direct sunlight. Exposure to constant light and heat may cause the perfume to deteriorate. Many women like to keep their beautiful bottles of perfume on top of the dresser in their bedrooms. This may not be the best place for it, unless your bedroom doesn't get much sunlight. A better place to store it is in a box inside a drawer where it's away from heat and sunlight. If you have light perfume bottles, those are the ones you want to particularly keep in a dark place, since lighter bottles are more affected by the sunlight. Dark perfume bottles will retain the scent longer than clear bottles. You also don't want to keep your perfume in the bathroom, since the heat from the shower will interfere with the fragrance.

It's also important to always keep the bottle tightly closed. When the perfume is exposed to too much air, it can cause the scent to evaporate.

If you notice that your perfume has changed color, it may have deteriorated. Sniff it before wearing it and see if the scent has changed. If you see that you can no longer wear your perfume, don't throw it out! There are still things you can do with perfume that has gone bad. Surely the perfume still retains some pleasant smell, perhaps just not for wearing. Keep a closet or drawer smelling fresh by keeping the perfume bottle in there. It should last at least another year or so. I was using the same bottle of Calvin Klein perfume since I was a teenager. Eventually I noticed that the scent just wasn't as vibrant as it used to be. Instead of throwing it away, I simply dabbed a few cotton balls with the perfume and put it in several places that could use a nice smell -- like the shoe closet, sock drawer or hamper. Try it!