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Given Hazelden's lengthy history of treating addicts, Seppala might have stubbornly caught to the model. But he was willing to consider alternatives. He'd come to Hazelden within the mid-'70s, as its first adolescent resident, for an habit to drugs and alcohol. I blamed myself so much,” he recalled. I really hated myself. I can't put that strongly sufficient. I didn't perceive why I did all these things.” His expertise at Hazelden was highly effective. He met individuals similar to him who felt the same bottomless craving and the shame that went with it. Nonetheless, he relapsed five days after graduating from the clinic. It could take him one other 12 months and a half, together with a platoon of understanding adults, earlier than he found sobriety by means of one other 12-step program. Now, as a physician, he knew he had to track down the clinic's dropouts and their households, and ask them what Hazelden was doing flawed.

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